“Sandy Hook” in Batman: Dark Knight Rises

Update: A few thoughts on Obama’s gun control push.

I want to be very clear here that I am not a conspiracy theorist of any sort, but I do follow the clues and evidence as far as they will take me on any given subject. What happened in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday is horrible, and I’d never use such an event to spread nonsense or push an agenda.

With that in mind, this is at least intriguing on a coincidental level.

The clever folks on the web’s more popular conspiracy forums have uncovered the name “Sandy Hook” on a map of Gotham City seen in the film Batman: Dark Knight Rises – the film that was shown as a man claiming to be the Joker shot and killed 12 people while injuring 58 others in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, earlier this year.

You can see stills of the map in the film below (click to enlarge):

Sandy Hook in Batman: Dark Knight Rises

In the above picture, “Sandy Hook” is seen on the map to the immediate left of the left-most walkie-talkie.

Sandy Hook in Batman: Dark Knight Rises

In the second screen shot, “Sandy Hook” appears below the actor’s hand on the left.

Now, explanations that I’ve read range from musings that the Illuminati members behind both attacks are required to drop subtle warnings in advance, to the idea that the owners of the Batman franchise itself are to blame. Hogwash, I’m sure, but a unexpected coincidence if I am to believe that the proper noun “Sandy Hook” is a relatively uncommon one.

What was the name of that “frankenstorm” in October that killed more than 250 and caused more than $65 billion in damages on the American east coast? Or the island that “disappeared” off the coast of Australia last month? It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

I welcome any and all thoughts, crazy or otherwise!


    • says

      It’s clever enough for me!

      I assume the insult results from insinuating anything strange about the tragic events in Newtown. While I think it’s undeserved, I do understand that emotions are running high and I understand where you’re coming from.

      For the record, I’m really not a piece of shit!

    • says

      Exactly Dan! We’ve got the lunatic fringe on one side, and those who wish to hold onto the status quo with all of their might on the other; I like to think that I fall directly in between the two. I’ve not come up with a suitable title yet, but I think “truly objective thinker” covers it nicely.

      I’m all for adopting a new tag line if you’ve got something more clever up your sleeve!

  1. Andrew says

    I don’t understand.i agree it’s weird to see sandy hook on the map. so is what your saying the illuminati planned the attack and are behind other stuff but what are the illuminati and why do they do this

    • says

      Hi Andrew – thanks for commenting! You understand as much as any of us; I posted this only because of the strange coincidence that it represents, but I’m certainly not jumping to any conclusion, least of all that the Illuminati have taken over Hollywood and are dropping hints in films about future staged attacks – I merely mention it as a theory that I had seen bandied about.

      There is almost certainly nothing to it, but I think we’d be silly not to discuss it – there’s no harm in a little intelligent speculation, after all!

  2. Anthony says

    It is all very strange I have to agree. Have you also seen the the stories in regard to the shooter’s father’s connection to the libor trial? Just like James Holmes father.

    • says

      I have read a bit about the supposed connections with the LIBOR scandal, but I can’t seem to find anything firm that links any of Peter Lanza, Robert Holmes, or Kevin Krim (also mentioned by some people) to LIBOR – only the after-the-fact musings of internet investigators.

      If you could point me in the direction of any credible evidence linking them in any way, I’d definitely appreciate it!

  3. MindbenderMike says

    Hey, I heard of this earlier today, the whole Batman thing. I have the pirated version of it, full quality though and I can’t seem to find it in the movie. They say it’s in the first few minutes, but I’m unable to find it. Can you tell me at about what time in the movie it is and what scenes are before/after it so I can do a better “seek” through of the movie, without having to watch it frame by frame in entirety. Thanks!

  4. C says

    I have a very open mind, and all of this was brought to my attention by a co-worker today at work so I thought I’d look into it. I’ve also found links that show Aurora is shown on one of the buildings in the movie as well. Have you read this too?

    • says

      I had heard of this Aurora connection, though I’ve not had time to confirm it myself. I’ll take a look tonight and update this post with information one way or the other.

  5. MindbenderMike says

    Yes, actually, JUST CONFIRMED IT MYSELF. It’s there. HOLY HELL! Things are getting strange, my friends. 1 hour 58 mins

    • C says

      I am going to watch the movie again just to verify whether it shows in the movie as well. I did watch the Skyfall trailer, and it does show in it for sure.

        • C says

          Lol, well I actually just watched the minute+ long trailer and saw it in there. Apparently, it’s still in Dark Knight Rises as well. I just haven’t confirmed that bit yet.

          • says

            I took a look also and can confirm the same.

            Alright, now it’s time for somebody to come up with a half-sensible explanation for all of this. My mind definitely strays towards coincidence for lack of any other plausible explanation – I’m not opposed to the idea of coercion or false flag operations, but I’m not sure how that would tie into leaving clues in films.

            Fascinating, nonetheless.

  6. C says

    Actually, I just found that the Aurora building was shown in a preview of Skyfall that premiered during Dark Knight Rises. Search the Dark Knight Rises promotional viral. Creepy. I am not sure what to believe.

    • says

      Exactly my sentiments. It’s definitely a strange and slippery slope to climb, connecting mass murders with popular films – I’m having a hard time coming up with any explanation that isn’t entirely unreasonable, and pure coincidence, while the most likely option, also seems far-fetched.

      All in all, it’s a bit unsettling, that’s for sure.

      • C says

        Well, something else I searched showed the original Gotham City map from the comics. The place at the bottom was called South Hinkley. Just seems odd they’d change it in the movie instead of leave that seemingly “insignificant” little detail alone. All of this just boggles my mind.

  7. Bill says

    Ok. I get that you’re skeptical. I also get that that the appearance of Aurora in the movie and Sandy Hook on the map is extremely coincidental.


    Can any of you explain why, with an actual non-nonsense-based argument, the government or whatever conspiracy-theorists omnipotent super-evil, reptilian, Illuminati wet-dream bad guy group, would orchestrate the mass killing of innocent moviegoers and children and then hide some sort of proof of the plot in a BATMAN MOVIE?

    No? I didn’t think so. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • says

      I agreed with you right up until the admonishment to be ashamed – chatting openly and freely about it all seems a normal response, even to coincidence. So where’s the shame?

      • Bill says

        Ok. Let me back up to right before the “admonishment to be ashamed” part.

        Doesn’t it seem a bit absurd to take the death of innocent people so lightly?

        I can’t fully understand the mind of a conspiracy theorist. I guess that makes me one of the sheeple. Nonetheless, I’m not trying to start an argument here. Fighting an anonymous battle on the internet is close to pointless.

        I guess the point I’m trying to make is that unless there is some sort of reasonable motive for hiding the proof of domestic mass-killings in a movie, you’re all kind of wasting your time. How do you think a victim’s family member would feel if they stumbled upon this thread? Intrigued?

        • says

          You mistake my curiosity at the strangeness of it all as taking the deaths of those killed in Newtown lightly. On the contrary, I felt and feel particularly affected by it, and I’m a country away; I can only imagine how those closer to it all are feeling, including those killed, in their last moments, and those left behind.

          I’m a father and a human being first, a thoughtful person second, and a conspiracy theorist, whatever that means, not at all. On the other hand, I do understand where you’re coming from – it’s a sensitive topic, to be sure. This post was meant only to point out a curious fact and encourage discussion.

          As far as how a victim would feel in seeing this post, I can only imagine that they’d be upset, but no more upset than reading the coverage of the event on any major news network. Given time to heal and think more clearly, I may even suspect that they’d be pleased that people were taking the time to explore every angle, leaving no stone unturned.

          In any event, one thing I’m sure of is that asking questions and discussing interesting topics with others is never a waste of time. Another thing I’m sure of is that, no matter the topic, someone will always take offence and suggest that one type of question or another shouldn’t be asked at all, ever. Such is life.

  8. Bill says

    Well Anthropinos, I respect your sincerity, and I’m glad you come from a place of sympathy (I think).
    To be fair, the media is exploiting this topic more than any one online resource…with the exception of the Westboro Baptist Church…that group should be fired into the sun.
    Anyway. I don’t know what “discussion” could come out of this other that “Well, ain’t that a coincidence?”
    In my opinion, now is not the time to discuss a trivial topic. But hey, people will do what they want. Such is life. Right?

    • Ted S says

      I take it you don’t have much experience with the idle rich? I do. I can easily see organized groups of Trust fund yacht Club Men over time coming up with a rule to warn the flunkies ineffectually but it’s still there. The recent rash of shootings are a False Flag to take away gun rights as a stepping stone to an Aristocratic based society as was the norm in Europe for a 1000 years. Depopulate the worthless poor and middle classes and their needy kids.

  9. Anoyn says

    Heres a conspiracy for you.

    CIA raids house, kills mother, kills autistic kid, goes to school, kills kids, plants the autistic kid as the “shooter” Guns get banned.

  10. MindbenderMike says

    Something you all haven’t mentioned yet as to why these keywords are in the movies. Perhaps it was to “trigger’ the Manchurian Candidate into action that they were programmed by with CIA mind control techniques. I know that sounds “crazy” but mind control by the CIA is common knowledge, just Google MK Ultra.& Project Monarch.
    So maybe the world Aurora in the movie was meant to awaken homie, so he shot up the theater, and this kid saw Sandy Brook in the movie, so that triggered him. It’d be interesting to know when this kid last watch this newest Batman movie. In all seriousness.

  11. MindbenderMike says

    Pardon my terrible grammar in the last post. I’ve been posting all day all over the net on many topics and my hands are just dead! :)

  12. says

    I cannot fathom how such an occurrence can be written of as pure coincidence. Sometimes the darkest, strangest, or most ridiculous and hard to believe “conspiracies” are the most successful ones due to disbelief and crack-pottery. No doubt there are some dark forces at work in the world. Is this some sort of sadistic game to them? “Dark Knight Rises” w/ Aurora AND Sandy Hook (Why Newtown, CT for Gotham City?!) references (+ the hurricane Sandy and ‘missing’ Island) and both being the scenes of mass shootings is just too god damn far to write of as mere coincidence. How blatant do subliminal messages need to get before they are no longer subliminal and instead widely accepted messages from something or someone out there. WHY?

  13. km2 says

    I don’t think the movie mention of Aurora and Sandy Hook are random unrelated coincidence. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but that doesn’t mean that both shooters weren’t conspiracy minded in their mental illness and looked for “connections” and “signs”. A precedent was set w/ Holmes and Aurora, and Lanza (if he was into the Batman stuff ((and I’m betting he was))… seeing “Sandy Hook” -where he lives, might have seemed to him to be a Huge ‘sign’.
    A viral marketing campaign went out prior to movie release to gaming fan sites that included maps, including “Sandy Hook”.

      • km2 says

        If no shootings occurred, the movie’s inclusion of “Aurora” and “Sandy Hook” would have no coincidence to consider. It would be as if mentioning Anytown or street. There have been articles about copy-cats to Aurora incident… people showing up to theaters in masks.
        My own take on this, is that the online climate gives platform to ‘feed’ a lot of anti-social sickness, unlike anything we’ve seen. Example.. sites that glorify mass murder and the worst of “tr0lls” who enjoy inciting others and mischief. There seems to be a blur between online deliquent pranking and inflicting real harm. I think between actual mental disorders, psych drugs, violent fantasy, sensationalized news 24/7, and the anti-social anonymous web, society has more sociopaths in-training… and it could just be a game to them. I also think this is a crime for persons w/ the luxury of too much time on their hands, spent fantasizing and online.

        • says

          I see where you’re coming from, but the shooting *did* happen and the coincidence *is* present, so I’m not sure how it applies here.

          As far as the internet enabling ugly behavior, I think you’re entirely right.

          • km2 says


            What I’m trying to say is I don’t think there’s anything unusual or extraordinary regarding the movie… as in, no plot by “Hollywood elite” or “illuminati”. I think it’s likely that Holmes was obsessed with fantasy/violence and mythologized his rampage w/ the Dark Knight movie and Lanza was a copy-cat. That a fictional map named a region “Sandy Hook” would mean nothing, had someone not *after-the-fact* chose to inflict violence there. I do fear that other sick minds will be copy-cats to this movie (or others)… and that would be cause-effect, not some orchestrated “black-ops”.

          • says

            I think you’re definitely onto a better line of thinking than blaming some Hollywood conspiracy. If Lanza is reported to have been a big fan of Batman, we can chalk it up to him seeing that Sandy Hook reference and allowing it to propel him towards the killing.

            Obviously, sheer coincidence remains the most likely culprit.

          • km2 says

            Not to belabor it, but don’t understand your applying “coincidence” to what transpired.

            Coincidence: “A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances *without apparent causal connection* ”

            Suppose an anti-abortion site listed the personal info of doctors and the doctors were gunned down by separate extremists… that wouldn’t be a coincidence, because the apparent causal connection would be the posting of their personal info and nuts targeting them. If 2 or more of those doctors died shortly afterward by random criminal acts… ie, killed by hit-and-run driver, victim at a bank being robbed, that would be coincidence. If Lanza is a copy-cat, there *IS* a causal connection… Holmes and “Dark Knight” shootings. IF it turns out Lanza has zero familiarity w/ the Batman series… THAT would be a coincidence. Additionally, it is likely that it was Lanza who posted in a forum on Wed before shooting that he planned on killing himself on Friday morning and that he would make the news. He identified Connecticut and below his post included a photo of the dead shooters from Columbine. These school shootings are not a coincidence, either. Just really sick.

          • says

            There is no apparent causal connection between the Batman reference and the shooting – it is, by definition, a coincidence, at least until we learn something more of Lanza’s motives or other factors.

          • km2 says

            Now I understand you. Thank you. I pretty much presumed Lanza “must” have been into Batman, and the Aurora shootings. If that turns out not to be the case, I will be baffled. If the forum posting turns out to be his, we know he planned to take his life and was referencing Columbine. I hope that investigators will learn more of his motives and personality disorder, (and I don’t mean mild Autism) and that ultimately somehow, we as society can get some insights into this madness. I don’t mean to imply by “madness” necessarily just the shooter’s, but all the factors that feed into this and like tragedies… they *seem* to be statistically American.

  14. Beci says

    Although this does seem strange it wouldn’t mean anything to me if it weren’t for the links of both the boys dads testifying in the libor scandal. I’ve been tryin to get my head round that all morning, but seriously what are the chances of the 2 most recent mass shooters havin such a significant links, the possible consequences of this are huge.

    Like u I see myself in the middle, with the Vatican assassins and the illuminati and his anti Christ on the lunatic fringe but not naive enough to think that no conspiracies exist at all. I like to deal with facts, things you can corroborate not things that when u mention them people think you need a new hobby or some temp medication!

    If this isn’t looked into on a high police level then something’s seriously wrong, would any detective ignore such an elephant in the room in any case they were investigating? Not a chance!

  15. adude says

    They put it in our face on purpose because it can not be real then.

    Fact: Both of the shootings are connected due to the Libor scandal. Both fathers were connected to the Libor scandal..

    • FatherTime says

      Fact. Witnesses, Jurors, and anyother key testimonial will not, would not, and will never be released before the actual trial. Im sorry but your argument is invalid. you read way too much crap on the net.

  16. Christine says

    This is almost as freaky as the 1997 Simpson’s episode where there is a New York guidebook that depicts the twin towers behind a large number 9, forming 9 11.

  17. Rain says

    Ok well Sandy Hook is a region of a sand barrier forming a hook, hense the name Sandy Bay located in NJ/NY ( which is two of the three citys that Gotham has been modeled after. Aurora Tower is a legitimate building and is the 2nd tallest of its location in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane was a footage area of the movie to help build a metropolitan giant.
    As for the LIBOR scandel which is not being tried currently has no mention of FICO or GE Financial. GE Financial is actually called GE Capitol, and no listing for Mr. Lanza as a VP of the company. Barclays is one of the main players in the LIBOR scandel which was given a 2yr promise of no persecution on June 26th, 2012. As for other court trials, none of the pre trials have taken place so there would be no need of witnesses and or testimony of individuals.
    It is interesting none the less that they used both Aurora and Sandy Hook, but both do credible reason to be in a mythical metropolitan area based off of the eastern sea board of the US. One for ligitimate land marks, and the other for film purposes to build a metropolitan super city filmed in 5 locations to build what we see as Gotham

    • says

      Hi Joe! I received the screenshots included here via email from someone who had located the anomaly in a pirated copy of the film, so I definitely get no credit for the find – from what I can tell after the fact, hundreds of sites were reporting it at the time I posted this, many of them before me, so I most definitely cannot claim any exclusivity!

  18. says

    The obvious motive here would be what you see all over the news—–Gun control. Why? You can’t have a police state when the citizens have guns. It is frightening to think that the people who are supposed to be protecting us are the ones killing us. It is even more frightening to think that the world as we think we know it — isn’t that way at all. When we respect and love the truth we are courageously willing to follow the evidence to its logical conclusion-even if that is not what we want to hear. All those courageous out there — raise your hands…

    • says

      Agreed, though that does nothing to explain the coincidental nature of the Batman reference.

      *If* this event is anything other than a sick kid who went crazy, I would agree that gun control is the motive behind it, whoever is responsible.

  19. Kimjimbro says

    What if the “conspiracy” was a combination of natural and supernatural forces.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

    If spiritual beings have been interacting with humans since the beginning of the human experience, this might explain some things. The power of suggestion in morally, emotionally weak people can have devistating results.

    • FatherTime says

      Tisk Tisk Tisk. You still believe in the fairy tale u heard as a child, the complete and utter b.s. thats called spiritual beings… Open your eyes and see the truth. I was declared dead for 2 minuites during surgery 5 years ago when i had to have my gull bladder removed and the procedure went wrong. From my experiance, to whitch i will never forget and remember very vividly, when you die there isnt a afterlife as one thinks it. You do see a bright light as you are dying, But when the bright light fades out your left in blackness with random memories and thought being shot through your mind. And as you continue to die these thoughts and memories start to fade and you can litterly feel your brain dying. As for the people who claim their past dead loved ones talk to tghem i call b.s. Because this happened to me. Except the ppl who came to me are asll still very much alive. No dead members came and certantly no hevan nor hell came, it all just went black and next thing i could remember was coming too with the doc. shocking the shit out of my chest. Not to mention i was a very dedicated christian up till this point. When you are dying you see and hear whan you want to hear because your brain is trying its damndedest to survive and keep itself living. And yes i encountered almost everything anyone has ever said happens when they died for a brief moment, except i could recall certain events and ppl as vividly as if i had just talked to them in real life and because of this i am ashamed in you or even the fact that you still cling to words writtin during a time that the average person was no smarter than that of a highschool freshman of out times.

      • Anonymous says

        Before you criticize someone for believing the Bible you should actually read what it says about death, no where does it say you go to heaven or hell when you die, that theology really is a lie worthy of some conspiracy discussion. The Bible actually says your thoughts perish, just as you describe. It is a hope of a resurrection that the Bible teaches, not an immediate translation of consciousness upon death.
        Secondly, you didn’t die, your heart just stopped for a few minutes, not the same thing at all.

  20. Finntelligent says

    The strange appearance of “Sandy Hooks” in the Batman movie is definitely worthy of discussion. However, I’d suggest placing it in the context of in-depth investigative journalism about the massacre, sorely missing in mainstream reports but amply demonstrated in this excellent article by Niall Bradley at sott.net:


    I’d appreciate reading your take(s) on the most significant points raised in mr Bradley’s article.

  21. Haxzor says

    I have read through and skimmed alot of the posts here. And in saying this, here’s my opinion:Dont look too far into it. You guys give way too much credit to the gov. Think of our gov. more as a child, not the nerd because nerds are very smart, but more of the emotionally crippled, and dare i say wimpy little kid no one liked. Now imagine somthing at school happens like oh maybe some one poisened the class hampster. Now there is no proof of anyone doing this and no one will fess up, so seein his opportunity to gain status within his peers, this kid admits to doing it, so that now the rest of the class fears him. Are youy going to mess with this kid anymore? No, now you are afraid he is going to poisen you if u make him mad. Well what happens with tragic event such as this, our gov don’t really deny the claims they are behind it, so you now are wondering could they have did this? What are they covering up? Or is this all a ploy to take our guns? You see now the gov. just gaind what it wanted all along. Your fear and complete compliance. Are you now going to vote against the gun laws they are attempting to pass? Or are you going to give in and vote for the gun laws? Did we the people make up these conspiracies? Or better yet were they planted on the web and all around to get us the People to fear and submit to the will of their way?

  22. says

    Just like an Arsonist…after setting a fire…they cannot help themselves…they have to look at what they did…many leave some sort of trademark.
    Sandy Hook mentioned in the Batman Movie: Dark Knight Rises
    In this case…we have a clever group of egotistical/arrogant bastards who like to play tricks on ‘little people’.
    Somewhere along the line they have plenty to gain. There are many layers of these fellows. This is just one of many examples of tail wagging dog…we should be used to it by now.

  23. says

    I think the event took place, but there are certainly a few strange anomalies that should be further looked into. Unfortunately, given the mainstream media spin against evening questioning such events, they likely won’t be.

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