Vegetarian Does Not Equal Healthy

There are two very good reasons that being familiar with the details of a vegetarian diet is important, even for the ultra-carnivores among us. First, even considering a vegetarian diet requires that you understand the potential pitfalls of limiting your food intake. Second, despite its trendy appeal as a health-conscious diet, veganism and vegetarianism aren’t necessarily better for the human body than a diet that includes meat, and being aware of why that is true can only make you a smarter eater.

Even still, that’s not to say that a meatless diet can’t be better for you.

The dilemma we face is as obvious as my contradictory tone; for the sake of clearing up the confusion, let’s explore the in’s and out’s of answering the question of whether or not giving up meat is a healthy choice.


A Vegetarian or Vegan Diet: Sometimes Healthy

While the idea that meat is bad and vegetables are good is an easy one to understand and implement as far as eating is concerned, the statement itself is not at all true. While meat, beef and pork, in particular, do contain ingredients that threaten the wellbeing of your body, they also provide a long list of healthy – even required – minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

With this contradictory idea in mind, we can get to the base of why a vegetarian diet can be one of the healthiest in the world: the right amount of the right vegetables can provide absolutely everything you need to be strong, healthy, and long-lived, leaving out the fat and carbohydrate content of meat in the meantime. The only problem, and it can be a big one, lies in how you plan your non-meat diet; just like eating nothing but hamburgers is not healthy, eating nothing but spinach is no more so.

No matter which type of diet you stick to, whether it contains meat or not, you must be sure that you’re getting all of the variety that your body requires, and this, in turn, requires you to focus on obtaining many different sources of the things you need on a daily basis. With the right variety of the right foods in the right amounts, your body can be just as right as rain.

Right? Right.

A Vegetarian or Vegan Diet: Sometimes Unhealthy

It may be one of the main reasons that people choose to go vegetarian in the first place, but a healthier body isn’t necessarily the outcome of a meatless diet.

Given my own experimentation with vegetarianism over the years, I’ve come into contact with a wide array of people partaking of an even wider array of diets, and let me be the first to tell you that I have known some very, very unhealthy vegetarians.

There are so many ways to be an unhealthy vegetarian that I’ll not waste any more of your time trying to narrow down all of the things that you shouldn’t do. Rather, you’d do best to focus your investigative efforts on the the foods that you do need to pursue in order to be the healthiest vegetarian possible.

Doing it right is your only path to success when it comes to limiting your diet; nothing else is worth remembering. Whether you’re drawn to vegetarianism for ethical reasons, or because you believe that it can help you to shape a more physically healthy future for yourself, you need to be hip to all of the nuances that surround the food that you eat.

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